We've got three flavours of Linux for you to choose from, take your pick!

Everyone has their favourite and Linux Distributions are no exception! We offer you a selection of three different Linux Distributions when you choose a VPS plan, so here's a brief background behind each OS to help you choose, if you haven't already.

Ubuntu - Available Versions

  • Ubuntu 16.10 (Plesk Unsupported)
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Ubuntu is built on the solid foundation of Debian which is known for its robust server installations and has a strong heritage for reliable performance and predictable evolution.

CentOS - Available Versions

  • CentOS 7

CentOS as a group is a community of open source contributors and users. Typical CentOS users are organisations and individuals that do not need strong commercial support in order to achieve a successful operation.

CentOS is a 100% compatible rebuild of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux, in full compliance with Red Hat's redistribution requirements. CentOS is for people who need a stable enterprise class operating system, without the cost of certification and support.

Debian - Versions Available

  • Debian 8.0 (Plesk Unsupported)

Is developed by over 1,000 volunteer developers, its software repositories contain more than 20,000 packages, and it is responsible for inspiring over 120 Debian-based distributions and live CDs. Debian has the reputation of being one of the best tested and most bug free distributions available today.

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