Net24 Security & Privacy

In order to provide you with the best service available, we are required to collect personal information from you. This information is used for identification and payment processing purposes only, and precautions are taken to ensure all information collected is secure.

Net24 employs industry-standard security measures to protect customer information from misuse, damage, disaster and/or alteration. This includes 128-bit security encryption and the use of secure servers.

Net24 will never make public, or sell any client information to any 3rd party. We will however disclose personal information where required or authorised by law or if the owner of the information consents.

Clients requiring further information can contact Net24 either in writing at PO Box 911190, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142, by fax +64 3 962 9513, by telephone on +64 3 962 9510 or by email:

Cloud Powered Hosting

Websites are served from a cluster of powerful servers for exceptional performance and uptime.

Uptime Guarantee

Network & server uptime is guaranteed with comprehensive Service Level Agreements.

New Zealand Support

Email or call us toll-free for friendly and knowledgeable assistance you can depend upon.